What are the prices?


Gabe /Judy

Mens $50

Womens  $60


Mens $40

Womens $50

children under 10  $35

Blowout  $35

Updo/Styles  $60 (+up)


Retouch $55(+up)

+Ends $65(+up)

Bleaching $65 (+up)

Hilights/Lowlights are estimated at approximately $3 per foil

Chemical Services

Perms $70(+up)

Retexturizing services (“Japanese” straightening, smoothing treatments, Retouch etc)

please call for price quotes, as there are many types of services to fit each individual need.

2 thoughts on “What are the prices?

  1. hi. I’m wondering how much it would cost to dye my black hair to a carmel color with slight blonde highlights?

    1. Hi, sorry it took so long to respond, we had to replace our Workshop computer, and got a little behind …If it’s your natural black hair, then $50 for a single process all over colour and depending on the amount of HLing you’d want, approx $2 a foil. (if your hair needs a double process colour it could be a bit more)…If it’s dyed black, you’d really need to book a consultation apt for a process like that( they are free). That would be a corrective colour, all the black dye would need to be removed before another colour could be applied( you sadly can’t just apply a lighter colour), we can give you a ballpark estimate when you come in. I would recommend Judy for it, she’s got a wealth of experience dealing with haircolour, she was an educator for L’oreal for a number of years.
      a consultation appointment is your best bet…give us a call…(716)836-8203

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